The player will be in an enclosed room filled with enemies and giant columns used as obstacles. The player must make it to the finish line without being attacked by enemies. Three enemies will be moving throughout the map. If the enemies catch the player, the game resets and the player must start over. The player is given a flashlight to guide themselves through the dark to avoid obstacles and enemies. To win the game the player must reach the finish line at the pink light on the opposite end of the room.

The rules for Neon Terror are as follows:

  • The pink light is the finish line.
  • The game resets if the player is attacked by an enemy.
  • The player is given a flashlight to avoid enemies and obstacles in the dark.
  • No enemy or player can leave the arena.
  • Avoid enemies and reach the pink finish light to complete the game.


The requirements for Neon Terror as follows:

  • Enclosed piece of terrain to act as the arena
  • The arena needs to include a terrain that is big enough to present a challenging course for the user when attempting to avoid enemies
  • Columns to act as obstacles throughout the arena
  • Textures for the terrain and game objects
  • Minimal light
  • Particle Systems for the enemies
  • Sounds for the enemies to scare the player
  • Three enemies
  • Character controller
  • Game controller
  • Colored finish line indicator
  • Interactive scripts
  • Spawn point object
  • Enemy hazard object
  • Graphical User Interface
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